کیت 50 واکنشی خالص سازی DNA از ژل و محصول PCR برند DNAbiotech
قیمت: 1750000 تومان

کیت 50 واکنشی خالص سازی DNA از ژل و محصول PCR برند DNAbiotech

کیت 50 واکنشی خالص سازی DNA از ژل و محصول PCR برند DNAbiotech

Gel-PCR-Clean up Kit


Cat No.: DB9736-50

Brand: DNAbiotech

Content: 50 rxn

Column Based

Shiping: RT

Storage: RT 

 Made by DNAbiotech Co. I. R. Iran

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kit contenet:

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General description

DNAbiotech “Gel-PCR-Clean up kit” is developed as a 2 functional product to extract and purify DNA fragments of about 100 bp to 10 kb from enzymatic reactions, such as PCR, as well as from agarose gels. Up to 90 % recovery is achieved depending upon the DNA fragment size (Table. 1)

Gel-PCR-Clean up kit is based on the ability of DNA to bind to silica membranes in the presence of chaotropic salts. The membranes are washed with an ethanol-containing buffer to remove any traces of proteins, salts, remnant of agarose and other enzymatic reaction components. The pure DNA is efficiently eluted in just 20 μl of tris buffer or water, and is suitable for most subsequent applications; for example, restriction digestion, labeling, ligation, PCR, sequencing and microinjection.

Table 1. Percent Recovery Vs. Double-Stranded DNA Fragment Size

DNA Fragment Size

Aprox. Percent of Recovery

70 bp

38 %

100 bp


500 bp


1 kbp

85 %

3 kbp

90 %

10 kbp

90 %

18 kbp

40 %


Kit specifications

- Fast purification of PCR products, such as DNA from enzymatic reactions, as well as the extraction of DNA fragments from TAE or TBE agarose gels.

- about 3 volumes of binding buffer per volume of sample are needed to process up to 200 μL of PCR / enzymatic reaction, or 200 mg of agarose gel, with only one loading step. By adding additional GN1 buffer it is possible to load an unlimited amount of sample volumes onto a single column.

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