استریپ شفاف qPCR حجم 0.1 ml برند DNAbiotech
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استریپ شفاف qPCR حجم 0.1 ml برند DNAbiotech

استریپ qPCR حجم 0.1 ml برند 

0.1 and 0.2 ml qPCR 8-Strip Tubes, With Optical Caps


  • Low profile
  • Best Quality, flexible
  • A abn B, 2 side indicator
  • 1000 rxn
  • 125 pcs of 8 well strips
  • USP Class VI and FDA certified medical grade
  • polypropylene raw materials
  •  Thin tube wall, fast heat transfer, precise temperature control
  •  Ultra-transparent tube cover design can ensure that the fluorescent
  •  Signal can pass through without obstacles
  •  Excellent sealing performance of the tube cover, which prevents
  •  contamination, and is easy to open Autoclavable (121ºC sterilized for 20min)
  •  DNA-free, DNase-free, RNase-free and pyrogen-free
  • Thin Walled tube for best heat transfer
  • Made of USP VI Polypropylene
  • Evaporation rate below 5%, saving cost on reagents
  • Small package can avoid contamination by different researcher
  • Ultra clear cap show consistant light transmitting rate provid stable date than other brand
  • All items contain tubes and caps

میکروتیوب 0.1 استریپ 8 تایی همراه با درب مناسب جهت Real Time PCR.

قابل استفاده در اکثر (تمامی دستگاههای 8 استریپی) دستگاه های  real time از قبیل:


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LC96-LC480-LC Nano


biometra TOptical-Eppendorf MasterCycle ep Realplex-Stratagene Mx3005P


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