Eco DNA Safe stain for gel 2500-ul
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Eco DNA Safe stain for gel 2500-ul

Eco DNA Safe stain for gel 5*500 ul

رنگ ایمن برای DNA و RNA 


DNAbiotech Co.

Cat No.: DB9738-2500 ul

Volme: 2.5 ml

Shipment: RT

Storage: at 4°C for 12 months,  at -20°C for 24 months

Note1: Warm DNA Safe Stain to room temperature before use.

Note 2: .Spin down before use

Note 3: Non-carcinogenic alternative to Ethidium bromide

Intended for Research Use Only


1- Add in gel method

2- Staining during electrophoresis method

3- Post-Staining method

To check the complete datasheet and protocol click HERE.

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General description

DNAbiotech “Safe nucleic acid stain for gel” (Safe Stain for gel) is specially designed for in-gel use and is a safer replacement for conventional Ethidium bromide (EtBr), which poses a significant health and safety hazard to its users. It is a fluorescent stain which offers highly sensitive detection of double-stranded or single-stranded DNA and RNA in a convenient manner. Safe Stain offers high sensitivity that is as great as EtBr. This Stain is compatible with both conventional UV gel-illumination systems as well as harmless long wavelength blue light illumination systems. When bound to nucleic acids, this Stain has a fluorescent excitation maximum of 250 and 482 nm, and an emission maximum of 508 nm. Therefore, it can replace EtBr without the need of changing existing lab imaging systems. The emission and exitation spectrum of DNAbiotech Safe Stain for gel.

In the following image :

1: Only 1 ul of 100-3kb DNA ruller is loaded

2: Only 2 ul of 100-3kb DNA ruller is loaded

3: Only 3 ul of 100-3kb DNA ruller is loaded

the sensitivity of the “Safe nucleic acid stain for gel” is about 15 ngr. 

DNAbiotech safe gel

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