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سنتز پپتید

توجه: قیمت درج شده در سایت میانگین قیمت برای هر اسید آمینه است

با توجه به درجه خلوص و تعداد آمینواسیدها قیمت نهایی متفاوت خواهد بود.

صدور پیش فاکتور بلافاصله پس از ارسال درخواست!!


جهت سنتز پپتید با درصد خلوص مختلف و در جرمهای متقاوت کافیست فرم سنتز پپتید را از اینجا دانلود کرده و پس از تکمیل آن را به آدرس  ارسال نمایید تا پیش فاکتور برای شما صادر گردد. این سرویس توسط شرکت زیست فناوری دیبا نوآوران آزما (DNABiotech Co) ،نماینده انحصاری Pepmic Co در ایران، و در حداقل زمان انجام میپذیرد.

DNAbiotech is exclusive distributor of Pepmic Company in Iran.

Pepmic is a high-tech company in the peptide synthesis industry. They offer high quality peptides and antibodies to the life science community including academic laboratories, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech companies throughout the world.

“The trust we have gained from our customers is a clear evidence of the reliability of our work” they say. 
They are specializing in both peptide synthesis and peptide modifications. Pepmic also have one of the largest collections of Beta-Amyloid peptides, Histone peptides, Cosmetic peptides, Pharmaceutical peptides and cGMP peptides in the world.

They use automatic, semi-automatic and manual peptide synthesizers as well as solution and solid-phase chemistry to offer both small and large-scale peptide synthesis. This Company offers a variety of modifications including biotinylation, PEGylation, specific peptide labeling, peptide cyclization, and etc. All products are available in the purity range of 90% - 99% and are supplied in lyophilized form. Standard delivery includes a certificate of analysis containing HPLC and Mass Spectral (MS) data.

Their natural commitment in quality has made it obvious for them to guarantee all our custom peptide synthesis services and other related services. If theycannot provide you the amount, the purity and the sequence required, they do not charge anything, no matter the size of the peptide or the peptide modifications they have to do. Pepmic is committed to the highest quality. Quality and customer satisfaction are always the top priorities.

If you want to know about Pepmic refer to .

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How are peptides made?
A polypeptide is just a long, un-branched chain of amino acids joined by peptidebonds that is not complex enough to be referred to as a protein. (Proteins are madeup of polypeptides.) Peptides, as we mentioned
are made from amino acids.
What is the process of protein synthesis?
Protein synthesis is accomplished through a process called translation. After DNA is transcribed into a messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule during transcription, the mRNA must be translated to produce a protein. In translation, mRNA along with transfer RNA (tRNA) and ribosomes work together to produce proteins.

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