کاغذ 0.2 میکرو PDVF سایز 10 در 30 سانت
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کاغذ (غشاء) PDVF سایز 10 در 30 سانت

کاغذ 0.2 میکرو PDVF سایز 10 در 30 سانت 

PVDF Western Blotting Membranes


 PVDF: polyvinylidene difluoride 

 Source: Roche, 03010040001

Size: 10 * 30 cm

Material: White PVDF membrane (hydrophobic)

0.2 μm pore size

Storage: RT

PVDF Western Blotting Membranes has been used in western blot, for transferring proteins for sequencing.

To download the data sheet for this product CLICK HERE. 


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