ایزوپروپانول 250 سی سی
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ایزوپروپانول 250 سی سی

ایزوپروپانول 250 سی سی

Isopropyl alcohol

Synonym:   2-Propanol, sec-Propyl alcohol, IPA, Isopropanol, Isopropyl alcohol
cat#: DB9680-250ml
For Molecular Biology 
Cas: 67-63-0
Boiling point: 82.6 °C
Formula: C3H8O
Density: 786 kg/m³
Molar mass: 60.1 g/mol
Melting point: -89 °C
IUPAC ID: isopropyl alcohol

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Isopropyl alcohol is a compound with the chemical formula C₃H₈O. It is a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odor.

This product is miscible in water, ethanol, ether, and chloroform. It will dissolve ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl butyral, many oils, alkaloids, gums and natural resins.

Unlike ethanol or methanol, isopropyl alcohol is not miscible with salt solutions and can be separated from aqueous solutions by adding a salt such as sodium chloride.

The process is colloquially called salting out, and causes concentrated isopropyl alcohol to separate into a distinct layer.

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