OilEX  Mineral oil 5 ml for PCR
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OilEX Mineral oil 5 ml for PCR

OilEX  Mineral oil 5 ml for PCR



Cat No.: DB9746-5ml

PCR Grade

Appearance (Color): Colorless

Appearance (Form): Liquid

Turbidity: Clear

Specific Gravity: 0.82 - 0.88

 Storage condition:  at RT


  • Routine PCR
  • Minimizes evaporation of reactions run in PCR instruments without heated lids

 General Guidelines

When a PCR machine is used without a heated lid, 30 µl of mineral oil should be added to the mixture to prevent evaporation. Spin the mixture briefly in a microfuge before starting the PCR reaction.

Note: The desired volume of OilEX should be set up according to your protocol.

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